Asset Of Institution

  • A Library is an asset to any institution. The college has a very spacious and well stocked Library which boasts of latest and authoritative legal information of all Central and State Acts, Lexicons, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Year Books, Digests, Manuals, Legal Reports/ Journals and Commentaries.

Treasure Of knowledge

 The Library is well furnished, maintained and equipped with more than 12,500 books, 2,900 bound volumes, 290 electronic materials and other information resources. 

Working Hours

Working days:  8:00 am – 9:00 pm

 Holidays :  9:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Library Stats

Electronic Materials

Few Video Resources Of Library Usage

  • Books – 12552
  • Titles – 4649
  • Bound Volumes of Journals & Reports – 2879
  • Audio-Visual & Electronic Materials – 282
  • Reports Subscribed – 20
  • Journals Subscribed – 11
  • Magazines Subscribed – 12
  • Newspapers Subscribed – 09
  • Databases Subscribed – 06
AIRManupatra  (2013-16)Lexis IndiaINFLIBNET: NLIST
All India ReporterManupatra Intellectual Property ReportsJournal of Indian Law Institute (1958-)Many 300+
Criminal Law  JournalCompetition Law ReportLabour Law Journal (1949 -) 
 Chartered Accountant Practice JournalMadras Law Journal – Civil  (1897 -) 
 Energy Law ReportsMadras Law Journal – Criminal (2009-) 
  A Survey of Indian Law 
  Symbiosis Journal (2012)


DatabasesManupatraLexis NexisOxfordINFLIBNET: N-LIST
Total No.10 +300+431 Lakh +
  1. Encyclopedia of Statutory Rules/ B Mallick
  2. Central Acts and Important Rules/ Law Publishers
  3. Laws of England/ Halsbury
  4. Karnataka Acts and Rules/ G V Murthy Shivaraj Patil
  5. Encyclopedia/ Compton
  6. New Encyclopedia Britannica/ Robert Mchenry
  7. Story of Civilization/ Will Durrant
  8. History & Culture of Indian People/ Munshi
  9. Sacred Books of the East/ TW Rhys Davids
  10. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings & Speeches/ Vasant Moon
  11. Macmillan Encyclopedia of the Environment/ Stephen R Kellent
  12. Constituent Assembly Debates/ K K Upadhyay
  13. Halsbury’s Laws of India/ Halsbury
  14. Indian Annual Register/ Mitra H N
  15. Constitution/ D D Basu
  16. Commercial Arbitration/ Mustill and Boyd
  17. Wills/ Williams
  18. AIR Manual: Civil and Criminal/ Manohar & Chitaley
  19. Jurisprudence/ Roscoe Pound
  20. Sale of Goods/ Benjamin
  21. Contract/ Chitty
  22. Insurance/ Colinvaux
  23. Corporate Governance/ Richard Smerdon
  24. Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property Rights/ Priya Ranjan Triwedi
  25. Constitution/ A V Dicey
  1. Students, staff and visitors shall sign in the register while entering the Library and students should possess identity card with them while using the Library.
  2. Students, staff and visitors shall leave all their belongings at the property counter before entering the Library. No valuables should be left in the property counter.
  3. Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the Library property. In case of loss of borrowed book, the member has to either replace the book with fee & fine or pay the multiple times of the book cost.
  4. The physical condition of the book should be checked while checking out. Mutilation of pages, if found, is to be brought to the notice of the circulation in-charge. Otherwise, the borrower himself / herself shall be responsible for mutilation of the book if detected afterwards.
  5. Underlining, marking, folding of pages, etc. in the book is strictly prohibited.
  6. Students shall borrow books other than reference materials, rare books, and valuable books. Book Bank books will not be issued to other than SC/ST students.
  7. Two Borrower’s Cards will be issued to a student, one extra Borrower’s Card for SC/ST student, ten cards for permanent teaching staff, five cards for part time staff and two cards for administrative staff.
  8. Borrower’s Cards should be produced for borrowing of books and other material and Borrower’s Cards are not transferable.
  9. If the borrowed book is not returned on or before the due date, 10 days for students and 15 days for faculty, a fine of ₹ 2.00 per day will be charged.
  10. Books borrowed for photocopying/ classroom reference should be returned within two hours and books borrowed for overnight study should be returned before 9:30 am of the next day. Otherwise a fine of Rs. 100/- per day would be charged.
  11. If the Borrower’s Cards are lost, a fine of ₹ 100.00 would be charged to issue the duplicate cards.
  12. Members leaving the Library should stop at the exit. So that the materials borrowed/ taken out by them may be checked.
  13. Every table is meant for only TWO readers to sit. Anybody who violates this will attract a penalty of ₹ 100.00 per head.
  14. The use of snacks, biscuits, chocolates, water bottles, and other beverages inside the library is prohibited.
  15. The use of Mobile Phones is strictly penalized as follows. For the first time ₹ 500.00, second time ₹ 750.00, and the third time ₹ 1,000.00 and also his/ her mobile will be confiscated.
  16. Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the Library. Every one shall ensure that no reader is disturbed in his / her study by any act of his / her.
  17. Library staff, with the permission of Principal, reserves the right to add, ignore and modify any of the above rules when necessary.

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(Note: Use Filters to Search the Articles, Note down the Citation of the article and then go to library)


  1. AIR Accidental Claims And Compensation
  2. AIR Cheque Dishonor Reports
  3. AIR Civil Cases (Unreported Judgements)
  4. AIR Law Lines
  5. AIR Labour and Industrial Cases
  6. All England Law Reports
  7. All India Reporter
  8. Arbitration Law Reporter
  9. Corporate Law Adviser
  10. Company Cases
  11. Criminal Law Journal
  12. Current Central Legislation
  13. Environmental & Forest Law Times
  14. Indian Law Reports Karnataka Series
  15. Karnataka Law Journal
  16. Kerala Law Times
  17. Manupatra Intellectual Property Reports
  18. Right to Information Reporter
  19. Supreme Court Cases
  20. Supreme Court Journal


  1. Columbia Law Review
  2. Gandhi Marg
  3. Indian Bar Review
  4. Journal of Law & Economics
  5. KSLU Journal
  6. KSLU Student Law Review
  7. KSLU Journal of Sports & Environment
  8. Sajosps
  9. Seminar
  10. University News
  11. Yale Law Journal


  1. Chronicle
  2. Down to Earth
  3. Education World
  4. Frontline
  5. Law Z
  6. Life Positive
  7. Practical Lawyer
  8. Pratiyogita Darpana
  9. Reader’s Digest
  10. Stayfit
  11. The Week
  12. Women’s Era


  1. Indian Express
  2. The Hindu
  3. Times of India
  4. Business Line
  5. The Economic Times
  6. Prajavani
  7. Vijaya Vani
  8. Mysore Mitra
  9. Employment News


  1. The Laws-Super (Offline)
  2. AIR Database (Online & Offline)
  3. Manupatra (IP Based Access)
  4. Lexis India (Online)
  5. INFLIBNET: N-List (Online)
  6. Oxford Scholarship Online (Online)