JSS Law College strives to create a community of committed professionals who are competent to solve legal and social problems, to promote justice, and be compassionate members of the society.


JSS Law College provides a scholarly ambience in which students learn, in and outside the class room, to become outstanding legal professionals and leaders who serve the profession and society.  We are committed to the dual goals of access and excellence by creating a welcoming and vibrant educational community that is rich in diversity in all of its varied forms, and by offering students the fullest opportunity to participate and experience through flexible and innovative programs.


  • Striving to instill in each student a sense of intellectual curiosity and commitment to life-long learning.
  • Engaging with community and the academia at all levels of our work, including teaching, scholarship, public service and public policy.
  • Awakening students by providing an opportunity to become conscientious leaders of the profession and the community.
  • Developing professional judgment by academic exercises.
  • Considering each member of the community as individual and as an integral part of education.
  • A curriculum to promote the holistic growth of students and make them complete persons.
  • Recognizing outstanding teachers and mentors.