Short Term Courses

Short Term Course Orgnaised in the Year 2021-22

Short Term Course on “RES IPSA LOQUITOR”

Duration: 20th to 27th June 2022 Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm Course Fee: 750/-

Short Term Course on “GST”

Duration: 23rd to 30th May 2022

Time: 4pm to 6pm Course Fee: 1000/-


Crash Course on
Augmenting Life Skills Through Language
Duration: 4th May 2022 to 9th May 2022
Course Fee: 750/-

Short-term courses on -

"The Art of Contract Drafting - Fundamentals and Guidelines"

Course Duration: 4th April 2022 to 9th April 2022

Course Fee: 1000/-